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Mission Statement

The National Supreme Grand Chapter is a clearing house for Grand Chapters, Grand Officers and members for the purpose of regulating affiliations, advancing the Adoptive Rite work and new work whenever possible according to the landmarks of the Adoptive Rite. To promote charity and education.


The Supreme Grand Chapter was established in the meeting of 1849 in Washington D.C., was re-organized in 1880 and revived in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois by the Late John G. Jones who became its Eminent Supreme Grand Patron. The present name is, Supreme Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star of the United States of America and Canada.  It was incorporated in perpetuity in Washington, D.C. on July 18, 1929.  It could also be stated “On July 18, 1929, the Supreme Grand Chapter was incorporated in perpetuity.

The Supreme Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is composed of Grand Chapters and local chapters in states and territories where no Grand Chapter has been organized or in places where the Grand Chapter ceases its affiliation. In 1946, amendments were made to the constitution with the signatures of the authorized acting members of the Board of Directors, James Alja McDonald, Chairman, Timothy Butler, Odesia Williams, Mason Collins and Sallie Mae Dickey. The amended constitution was notarized on March 30, 1946 in Harris County Texas. (No. 31087)The change was to ensure that the Corporation remain permanent and perpetual and shall not be changed or amended. In between meetings the Board of Directors is responsible for the day to day operation of the business affairs of the Supreme Grand Chapter under its laws and regulations. The former Supreme Grand Matrons are: SGME Ula Yeargin, CA, the late Ora White, CA, and the late Lillian Huffman NY.

Service & Activities

The Supreme Grand Chapter provides charitable donations to educational programs, organizations that have a 501C3 status and to Grand Chapters in need of financial assistance when they have been affected by a disaster which was declared as such by the President of the United States. It educates its leaders and members with continual workshops (e.g. Armor Bearer training) and offers training in the latest technologies.  The Supreme Grand Chapter also hosts annual Grand Matrons meetings and participates in biennial conventions in various states in an effort to build everlasting friendships.

About SGM Hilda G. Spencer

SGM Spencer has been a member of St. John Grand Chapter, O.E.S. for over 40 years. She served as Grand Matron for 10 years and was elected Supreme Grand Matron in New Orleans in 2015.  She has also served in various other positions in the Supreme such as, the Supreme Associate Grand Matron; Supreme Second Counselor of the Supreme Council Lady Knights of Templar; and Supreme Financial Secretary of the Supreme Royal Ladies Palace. She was employed at Standard Oil (BP Amoco) for 27 years and currently she is in the education field. Her passion is serving others, identifying problems and recommending solutions. Her talents are planning and organizing. Her favorite scripture is “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.”  Proverbs 3:6 NKJV

Elected Officers

Supreme Grand Matron


Most Eminent Supreme Grand Patron

Supreme Associate Grand Matron


Supreme Associate Grand Patron


Supreme Second Associate Grand Matron


Supreme Second Associate Grand Patron

Supreme Grand Treasurer

Supreme Grand Financial Secretary

Supreme Grand Recording Secretary

Supreme Grand Correspondence Secretary

Supreme Grand Assistant Correspondence Secretary

Supreme Grand Conductress

Supreme Grand Associate Conductress

Supreme Grand Chairman of the Trustees

Supreme Grand Sentinel

Supreme Grand Trustee by the Secretary

Supreme Grand Trustee by the Treasurer

Supreme Grand Youth Director

Supreme Grand Assistant Youth Director

Supreme Grand Youth Secretary



Hilda G. Spencer


Darren Gregory


Arlene Punnett


Chaun Hall


Mary Smith



Adline Love


Angela Hill


Angela Carr


Crystal Collins


Letrice Jones


Debbie J. Henderson-Smith


Detrise Sanford


Theresa Thomason


Tommy Ingram


Mary Hicks


Janice Mann


Elizabeth Fillmore


Rachel Jones


Vivian Hunter-Terrell

Board of Directors

Supreme Grand Chairman of the Board

Supreme Grand Board Member


Supreme Grand Board Member

Supreme Grand Board Member

Victoria Dennis

Ellen Conley II

Frances Allen

Erica Crum

State of Illinois


State of New York


State of New York


State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of New York

State of Illinois

State of Ohio

State of Indiana

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of New York

State of Texas

State of New York

State of Texas

State of Texas

State of Texas

State of

State of 

Grand Chapters

Bathsheba Grand Chapter

Children of Sarah Grand Chapter


Daughters of Revelation Grand Chapter

Hadassah Grand Chapter

Lily of the Valley Grand Chapter

Miriam Grand Chapter

Morning Star Grand Chapter

Mount Moriah Grand Chapter

Nellie Dowdy Grand Chapter

Oriental Grand Chapter

Queen Elizabeth Grand Chapter

Queen of the South Grand Chapter

Sojourner Truth Grand Chapter

St. John Grand Chapter

Sunset Loyal Grand Chapter

Truth Grand Chapter

United Grand Chapter

United Grand Chapter

Little Rock, Arkansas





Bronx, New York




Memphis, Tennessee

Gary, Indiana



New York

Chicago, Illinois

Dallas, Texas

West Memphis, Arkansas




Brooklyn, New York


SGM Hilda G. Spencer

Cell: 773-559-9132


SGFS Angela Hill

Cell: 773-712-0304


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