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Supreme Departments Combined Convention Enterprise (SDCCE-D1) is organized for charitable, religious, and educational purposes, that benefit its combined membership and in accordance with the ethical and moral endeavors of each department that comprises this august body. Our mission is to provide support to each department and strengthen the bonds between them. We offer various programs and events to achieve this goal.


The vision of the Supreme Departments Combined Convention Enterprise is to acknowledge and utilize its richly diverse population to eliminate racism, bigotry and self-esteem. To prepare Masons and Eastern Stars to be producing and contributing members of society, to teach and model the values of respect and cooperation. We are to shape our future by providing leadership, advanced research and a well trained dedicated staff, reflective of our multicultural richness in a diverse, brotherly, sisterly, mentoring and charitable environment that provides an equitable allocation of resources and recognizes the mutual responsibility and accountability of all members of the Enterprise. To contribute regularly as a national organization to charitable organizations who enhance our society.


Freemasons are a diverse group of men and members of the Order of Eastern Star come from all walks of life, from many religions and many backgrounds. We follow a centuries-old tradition which started with the guilds of stonemasons in medieval times and evolved into an influential modern-day organization. Today Freemasonry is more relevant than ever, giving men support to navigate changing times and become the best they can be.


Charity is a universal characteristic of Masonry. It has been said that “the Masonic Way is to give without remembering and to receive without forgetting.”  Charity is at the core of Freemasonry. It has been since the founding of this great fraternity, and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of society.


The membership in Supreme Departments Combined Convention Enterprise is a premier organization for men and  women that teaches the values of leadership, public speaking, charity, respect for mankind, elders, and teamwork. Members participate in a variety of activities such as: bimonthly meetings, fundraisers, service projects, leadership workshops, theme parties, dances and so much more. The SDCCE provides the opportunity for its members to continue the journey of self-improvement through degrees based on Biblical and medieval history and charitable activities.

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