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Supreme Departments Combined Convention Enterprise_edited.jpg
Supreme Departments Combined Convention Enterprise_edited.jpg

The Nomination Process- A Message From Our President General 4/26/24


Monday, June 3rd nominations are open online via the SDCCE website or SDCCE nomination form.

Monday, June 11th- All nominations are posted via the website. This will be an unvetted list to allow transparency.

Monday, June 11- Thursday, June 13th nominees are vetted by each house election committee to determine eligibility and nominees are contacted to accept or decline.

Friday, June 14th- Final nominations are posted via the SDCCE website to include the nominated person and if they accept/decline along with eligibility determination.

To be eligible to vote, all eligible voting members must register for each department that they are eligible in by Friday, June 21, 2024.


Once information is received, members will enter into Election Buddy to receive an email to set up profiles.


Voting will take place Sunday, July 8 through Friday, July 12. All those eligible to vote will receive an email for each department that they meet eligibility for. (For example, if Bro. John is eligible to vote in the four departments, he will receive four separate emails)


Results will be delivered in a sealed envelope to the respective departments prior to their meeting starting. This envelope should not be opened until the conclusion of all business.

1.      Complete the nomination form with proper information. Make sure the email address used is the same one for registration. If you do not have a nomination form, please request one from the technology committee. Candidates can also submit their nominations online via the SDCCE website.


2.      A candidate can only place their name in nomination for one (1) office per department affiliation. Candidates cannot submit a nomination form for multiple positions/offices within the same department.


3.      Include a brief biography on the nomination form. (optional)


4.      Return form to technology committee at to be submitted to nomination committee for specific department.


5.      If selected candidates' names will be placed on the ballot. All candidates will be notified via email if they are accepted or rejected.


6.      If rejected, candidates can contact the SDCCE department for clarification and/or corrections. If time permits the candidate may resubmit the nomination form.

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