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Mission Statement

The Sovereign Sanctuary of the Adoptive Rite Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim has but one Thought, to do Good; but one Banner, that of Humanity; but one Crown, it is for Virtue.

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"Woman, thou hast two ears to hear the same sound, two eyes to perceive the same object, two hands to execute the same act.  So, the Adoptive Science, the Science par excellence, is esoteric and exoteric.  Esotericism constitutes the Thought.  Exotericism constitutes the Power.  Exotericism is neither learned, taught no given, it comes from on High.


By name and structure, The Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim is a combination of three Egyptian Rites: 1. the Primitive Rites of Paris, France (1721) and Philadelphes of Narbonne, France (1779), 2. the Rite of Misraim in Venice, Italy (1788) and 3. the Rite of Memphis of Montauban, France (1815). The three respective Rites were joined together and became one in the year 1881 by Grand Master Giuseppe Girabaldi. 

The Sovereign Sanctuary is specific to the Rite of Memphis-Misraim and is the title for the governing body of the Rite and members up to the 95th Degree, which is headed by the Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Conservator General. Those who have the 96th Degree or higher are governed by the Grand Aeropagus or Federation of Sovereign Sanctuaries of the World, which is headed by the Most Illustrious Grand Heirophant General Ad Vitam. 

Secret Societies imitating Freemasonry, for the admission of females as members, were first organized in France during the early part of the 18th century and still exist there, and in many other parts of Europe, as a distinctive Rite. By the term, Masonry of Adoption,” or, “Adoptive Masonry,” we imply that system of forms and ceremonies, and explanatory lectures which communicated to certain classes of ladies who, from their relationship by blood of marriage or family, to Master Masons in good standing, are entitled to the respect and attention of the whole Fraternity. These ladies are said to be “adopted” into the Masonic Communion, because the systems of forms, ceremonies and lectures referred to, enable them to express their wishes and give satisfactory evidence of their claims, in a manner that no stranger to the Masonic family can do. 

The French Adoptive Masonry is one hundred years older than the Order of Eastern Star. In consequence of the increasing popularity of the numerous Secret Societies which in their external organization and secret rites attempted an imitation of Freemasonry, the Grand Orient of France, in 1774, established a new formal system called the “Rite of Adoption,” which was placed under their control. Rules and regulations were then formed. A Lodge of Adoption under these regulations was opened at Paris in May 1775, under the patronage of the Lodge of St. Anthony, when Duchess of Bourbon presided and was installed as Grand Mistress of Adoption.


Most Powerful Queen-Sovereign

Grand Crowned Eishet Chayil

Supreme Grand Master

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Inspectress

Supreme Grand Senior Warden

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Depositres

Supreme Grand Junior Warden

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Orator

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Treasurer

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Secretary

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister of Eloquence

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Conductress of Ceremonie

Illustrious Supreme Grand Sister Introductress


Most Powerful Queen Ebony Spencer Geddis


Right Illustrious Joseph McFadden, 33°/66°/97° 

Illustrious Sister Amanda Deaver

Right Illustrious Klein Dolcine, 33°/95° 

Illustrious Sister Celeste Jefferson

Right Illustrious Shaun Harris, 33°/95° 

Illustrious Sister Shemida Turner

Illustrious Sister Deltrise Sanford

Illustrious Sister Letrice Jones

Illustrious Sister Jackie Jackson

Illustrious Sister Dena Higgs

Illustrious Sister Janice Jackson


State of Illinois


State of Florida

State of Texas

State of New York

State of New York

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

State of Ohio

State of New York

State of Arkansas

State of New York

State of Texas



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